Goodwill Day with the Oakland A’s

In honor of Goodwill Industries of the Greater East Bay’s designation as the Oakland A’s “Job Creation Partner,” Goodwill Day was celebrated at the A’s game on July 3rd. As the game began, five of Goodwill and Calidad’s past program participants Maria Harral, Belen Zarate, Raymond Hernandez, Michelle Norton, and Shawn Pangelinan, stood at home base on Rickey Henderson Field with our A’s spokesperson, first baseman Ryon Healy. From BBQ Terrace above left field, 70 more Goodwill and Calidad employees watched their co-workers on the jumbo-tron as they enjoyed a barbecue dinner.

Watch the video here:

In order to select who would take part in the BBQ Terrace party, a contest was held challenging employees to submit a piece of art, writing, song, or anything else that demonstrates why Goodwill was important to them.

Below you’ll find two of the contest entries, one by Jason Smith of Goodwill and one by Greer Newman of Calidad.

Jason said it was a “great experience to be offsite with our organization for Goodwill Day. To be recognized by the A’s and be able to share our mission made for an amazing event. I was happy to be a part of it.”

Greer knew she would be out of town for the event, but entered the contest so she could give the tickets to A’s superfan Jose Guiterrez, a Calidad employee at Camp Parks. Jose, who is hard of hearing, was touched by Greer’s gift and the next time they saw each other, he signed “thank you” to her.

Goodwill Day was the highest attended Oakland A’s home game since 2005, and the crowd watched as Ryon Healy’s video testimonial of Goodwill’s mission played on the jumbo-tron. As night fell and the game ended, fans were invited onto the field to watch a fireworks show that lit up the sky above Oakland Coliseum. Goodwill Day at the A’s ended with a bang.


By Jason Smith

In response to the Goodwill Day contest, I elected to express why I LOVE Goodwill and the great work that we do. The following are the significant values I believe that not only make Goodwill an amazing place to work, but a place where we are open to helping and serving all those who come to us.
Guidance – We help people identify and develop life and career driven roadmaps back to self-sufficiency in a number of different ways. Goodwill will show the way!
Opportunity – We offer an abundance of opportunity for people from various backgrounds and walks of life. There’s an opportunity for everyone at Goodwill!
Open – Our doors are open to all and everyone! Retail stores, donations and career services!
Determined – Anything we can do to best serve our customers, participants and communities/external partners, Goodwill is determined to make it happen!
Willingness – Goodwill has shown the willingness to change and grow as an organization to better serve the people of our communities and most importantly the employees of this company.
Integrity – We do what we say we will do and we do it when no one’s watching!
Learning – Goodwill provides a platform for robust career services and development in addition to our social enterprise, where retail operates as a training opportunity.
Leverage – We leverage our reputation, resources, facilities, community, and local partners to enhance and maintain consistent delivery of services we provide in all the communities we serve.

By Greer Newman

Why I love Goodwill:
Because Goodwilll enables Calidad to:
C – Creates Jobs
A – Advances Lives
L – Liberates Individuals
I – Increases Job Skills
D – DisABILITY Focused
A – Accepts all People
D – Delivers Quality Services

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