Mission & Vision

Our mission is to turn donations into jobs – offering lifetime purpose and opportunity.
Everyone has the opportunity to discover their full potential and purpose, empowering them to reach financial independence and become productive members of our community.
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Donations accepted
in 2019

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people received job
placement services since 2010

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million pounds of goods were diverted
from local landfills in 2019

Goodwill of the Greater East Bay Strategic Initiatives

  • We will fulfill our Mission by providing job training and placement services that encourage individuals within the community to pursue career development opportunities leading to sustainable employment.
  • We will foster a culture of respect, accountability, and high performance with the implementation of training programs designed to cultivate consistency, employee development and opportunities for advancement.
  • We will continue to be a model environmental steward by being more energy efficient and diverting more from landfills.
  • We will maximize the revenue from all of our existing businesses and continue to explore and develop new streams of revenue to support our Mission.
  • We will annually increase community support and action through brand-enhancing activities.
  • We will house all Goodwill operations in facilities that include the appropriate infrastructure and systems for safety and efficiency.

Since 1920 we've been turning donations into jobs and helping the community