2016 John Latchford Award Winner – Eileen Phillips

In 2016 we introduced the John Latchford Award, an award named after Goodwill Industries of the Greater East Bay’s CEO of 16 years, John Latchford. This award is given to an individual who exemplifies what Goodwill is all about, giving people the opportunity to not only live a life of purpose, but to help those around them do the same. They live the mission.

The innaugural recipient was Eileen Phillips. Eileen came to Calidad Industries and Goodwill Industries of the Greater East Bay in 1994 as a mess attendant at Coast Guard Island. With 13 years in the food industry under her belt, she advanced quickly. Within three years, she was promoted to manager and has been there since.

“This job has given me such a broad expanse of understanding people and why they do what they do,” Eileen said.

Eileen enjoys going to work every day and seeing her employees, whom she lovingly calls her kids, and seeing all of the customers. “My employees have taught me so much. Not only have they taught me compassion and understanding, but take Belen Zarate for example, she takes the time to teach me sign language. They teach me as much as I can teach them.”

“Every day Eileen welcomes people into the dining room and surrounds you and her employees with love in a way that only a mama bear can,” says Virginia Robbins, COO of Goodwill Industries of the Greater East Bay .

What are her career aspirations? “At this point I want to be able to retire happy, healthy, and strong. I look forward to continuing to practice being a good, little old lady, sitting in my recliner, relaxing and reading.”

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