We’re proud to share with you our strategic plan (2017 – 2019) that includes the future vision for Goodwill Industries of the Greater East Bay. This plan is built around the theme of “Charting the Course” to steer our ship toward the four main buoys of our success: Sustainable Mission, Profitable Growth, Public Outreach and Organizational Excellence.

These buoys directly led the organization and the Board of Directors to develop Strategic Objectives that will chart our course for the years to come. The objectives were created based on the organizations’ past, where the organization plans to go, and from a Community Needs Assessment where we spoke to over 150 companies, partners, employers, and job seekers to determine how Goodwill can benefit those in our community.

Our Community Needs Assessment revealed critical components that are deeply ingrained in how we will provide community services in the future. We heard that (1) jobs are still a priority in the communities we serve, (2) individuals are in need of support services that include transportation, skills training, and special services for those with disabilities, and (3) veterans, youth, and seniors are facing more challenges than ever before.

Our Strategic Objectives include:

  1. We will foster a culture of respect, accountability and high performance measured by 85 percent of employees achieving their individual goals.
  2. We will enhance mission services to help more individuals gain needed job skills, sustainable employment, and career development opportunities with less reliance on outside resources.
  3. We will be a model environmental steward by being more energy efficient and diverting more from landfills.
  4. We will annually increase the quantity, quality, and efficiency of donations to fuel our retail business.
  5. We will maximize our existing businesses and become a Top 40 Goodwill in retail revenue within five years and a Top 30 Goodwill within 10 years.
  6. We will annually increase community support and action through brand enhancing activities.
  7. We will house all Goodwill operations in modern facilities that include the appropriate infrastructure and systems for safety and efficiency.
  8. We will deliver a minimum 5 percent annual net gain to fund future growth.
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