Success Stories – Maria Harral

Maria Harral knows what commitment, determination, and motivation is about. Since Maria joined Calidad Industries in July 2016, she’s been committed to doing an excellent job as a Range Clerk at the Camp Parks facility in Dublin, CA. She does not let her learning disabilities hold her back.

Maria has lived near the Camp Parks training facility for many years, and before joining Calidad, would often visit the facility to take her daily runs, always stopping in to say hello. Shequickly became a familiar face at Camp Parks and, after inquiring about Calidad, she became an official member of Team Parks-Calidad as an Apprentice in the AbilityOne Program.

Maria is dedicated to making a difference. She’s demonstrated her level of commitment by being disciplined, focused, and energized by accomplishing her goal of running two 10Ks while carrying fallen service member names as part of her dedication to veterans support programs. She is also a Centurion Cyclist, often riding bicycles over 100 miles for veterans’ benefits.

Maria has been recognized by multiple units and law enforcement agencies. Because of her work proficiency, she’s received eight Unit Coins of Excellence. While commissioned as a 2LT in the Civil Air Patrol, she was awarded a Silver Medal in the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge competition. She is also part of Social Media for Natural Disaster Response and Recovery and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

As a Range Clerk, Maria worked past her disabilities to master skills including radio control, range sweeps, grounds keeping, and administrative tasks for official reporting. She became efficient in range operations and was recently hired by the government as a full-time range worker. Maria’s goal to obtain permanent, competitive employment has been achieved.

Maria demonstrates that exercising commitment and determination with positive motivation pays off.

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