Success Stories – Raymond Hernandez

Raymond Hernandez came to Goodwill Application Orientation June 2012 after two terms in prison for drug abuse. He was having a difficult time kicking his addiction after being released. But that all changed after hearing that his significant other was expecting their first child.

On August 2012, Raymond was accepted into the Goodwill Academy program as a truck driver. His son was born in four months later, and his girlfriend had started using drugs. After she kicked him out of their apartment because he refused to start using again, he moved in with his parents. Despite her refusing to let him see their son, Raymond would toss food, diapers, and baby clothes over the fence where they lived.

At Goodwill, Raymond excelled beyond what he thought he was capable of, and became a Lead Driver in June 2013. After a year as a lead driver, Raymond was promoted to Assistant Plant Supervisor of the Cordelia Plant in Au-gust 2014. At the same time of his promotion, the mother of Raymond’s child was arrested with drug charges and was sent to prison. Raymond fought for custody of his son, and was mandated to attend county and state par-enting class for a year. He made sure to not miss a single court date, even when he wasn’t required to attend. After all of these requirements were filled he was awarded full and sole custody of his son.

In November 2015 Raymond was promoted to Service Coordinator where he continues to work at the Goodwill Cordelia office.

“If Goodwill had not given me a chance I would still be in trouble and still doing drugs. Goodwill has changed my life and the life of my son for the better. I was given the chance to take responsibility for my life and that of my son.”

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