Success Stories – Shawn Pangelinan

Shawn Pangelinan has a smile you won’t forget, one you may have seen brightening up the side of a Goodwill truck as it passes you on the street. The story of how he became Calidad’s facilities manager at Camp Parks is memorable too.

Growing up in Vallejo, Shawn was surrounded by people who didn’t abide by the law. Everyone he knew had been to prison. As a kid, he’d watch his family manufacture and sell drugs. Like a lot of boys, he wanted to be just like his dad and that’s exactly what happened. Shawn got into trouble so often that the police around town knew him by name.

He went to prison three times for the same crimes his father had committed. After his second stint in jail, he had a daughter. When he went back in the third time and heard about a parenting class that was being offered, Shawn enrolled. It was in these classes that Shawn gained a new perspective. He didn’t want his daughter to marry someone like him.

After being released, he set out to look for a legitimate, legal job to become self-sufficient. He got on his bicycle and started riding around Vallejo, filling out job applications, one after another.

When he submitted an application to Goodwill, he was offered a position as apprentice processor, which he happily accepted. After two months, he was promoted to lead processor. Over the next six years, Shawn was promoted six more times and worked in nearly every position at Goodwill that didn’t require a college degree. “Goodwill trained me and gave me experience,” says Shawn.

Shawn’s most recent position with Goodwill was as the senior supervisor at the Oakland warehouse. From there he brought all that he’d learned about being a successful employee to Calidad Industries to fill the role of Camp Parks facilities manager.

“Goodwill and Calidad have pushed me to improve myself and work hard to be a better person and father,” Shawn says.

Recently, when Shawn was driving on the streets of Vallejo, a siren sounded and he saw a cop car pull behind him with its lights flashing. He pulled over to the side of the road. When the policeman walked up and leaned into his window, he had a grin on his face. “I just wanted to congratulate you on changing your life, Shawn,” the officer said, “we’re all really proud of you.”

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